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2017 Schooner Wharf Open Air Art & Music Affair

17th Annual - March 4th - 9:30-midnight
"Culture, Color, and Cocktails in Perfect Harmony"

2017 Photos

Open Air Art & Music Affair Photos 2017 Schooner Wharf
Open Air and Music Affair Application to Exhibit and Show Guidelines


A colorful waterfront setting, arts and crafts by skilled Florida Keys artisans and tunes by talented local and visiting musicians are top attractions at the 17th Annual Schooner Wharf Open Air Art & Music Affair. The event is set for 9:30 to midnight, Saturday, March 4th, in Key West�s Historic Seaport.

This eclectic festival highlights the creative talents of the free-spirited artists of Key West. The Old-Town Historic Seaport provides the perfect backdrop, with the traditional tall ships along the boardwalk, and the ocean breeze wafting through Schooner Wharf Bar, �A last little piece of old Key West�.

Dwight Kalb exhibiting his vibrant oil canvases

Some of our vendors at our 15th Annual Schooner Wharf Open Air Art & Music Affair

This one of a kind show features award winning local and national artists and crafters whose work isn�t shown anywhere else. Negotiate directly with the designers, or watch as they create a custom piece for you. Enjoy many personal demonstrations of technique, including glass bead blowing, jewelry making, and painting �En plein air.� There will be approximately 50 artists exhibiting this year.

Original paintings are well represented in this special one of a kind show. Noel Skibaand has displayed her vibrant oils, and Mira Negron, who is well known for large murals in and around Key West, has shown her oils in several series: musical motifs, detailed flor and tropical scenery. Kate Peachy consistently produces new work to display, her unique gift for painting faces is always well received by attendees. Dwight Kalb, can usually be seen on painting scene with his awesome oils in his distinctive style. William Welch self proclaimed �Acedemic Impressionist,� who regularly displays his fine art in exhibits and galleries, but he says �I look forward to this event, Schooner Wharf Bar is the place to be and this is a great time of year for an outdoor show.� Other Key West favorite painters regularly at the festival are Kathryn Leondard, Thomas Avery, Larry Batts, Dick Burnett, Carrie Disrud and Debra Peterson.

Robin Pierson shows her Decorative Window Art, when asked about her show experience she reflected �the Schooner Wharf Open Air Art & Music Affair is a special event for me because this is where my work was first introduced to Key West. In my latest works I�ve tried to capture the uniqueness of the Key West life style.� Robin creates using old and antique windows salvaged from homes on Cape Cod. Colorful glass and found objects are incorporated into each design, with no two exactly alike.

Antonia Mendez with his wonderful feather creations always attracts admirers to his booth

Isiah Meondoza with his original beautiful paintings and hand crafted woodwork is a perennial favorite at our show

Also often displaying their craft are Peter Cornell, wood carvings by Isaias Meondoza, painted feathers by Antonio Mendez, and jewelry by Christeena Minopetnos, Bethy Hodgin, Gordon Mabie and Peggy Taylor among others.

Michael McCloud is slated to kick off the day�s live music, backed by Captain Carl and Professor Pete. Songwriter/humorist McCloud is a veteran of the local music scene whose performances combine insightful original tunes, laid-back showmanship and witty banter.

Featured next is the Peter Pan Syndrome, a trio that performs a blend of Americana, folk, rock, pop, reggae and Latin music spiced with steel pan and conga rhythms. The evening�s headliner is the four-piece Josh Garrett Band, whose Louisiana blues and multi-genre offerings cross musical borders to create a unique and soulful sound. Josh Garrett is a young triple threat blues man�unique Cajun flavor guitar work, soulful vocals, and a killer band.

Not only is the festival a rollicking good time, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet renowned artists in a casual atmosphere, purchase a distinctive piece of art, and have a cocktail while supporting a worthwhile cause.

Come celebrate the distinctive and unique flavor of the island, with great music, food, and cocktails in a casual atmosphere where you can mingle with the artists, and watch them work. Enjoy the playful off beat spirit of Key West with great food, cocktails, unique art, and top notch music, March 5th, Saturday from 9:30 to midnight at Schooner Wharf.

Part of the scene at our 15th Annual Schooner Wharf Open Air Art & Music Affair The Key West Writers Guild had a booth at 2015 Schooner Wharf Open Air Art & Music Affair
Charicaturist Lothar was a big hit with the crowd Evalena Worthington, Dwight Kalb, Roby Peaty and Carl Peachy showing of the Best Depiction of Schooner Wharf and Best Demonstrative Artwork at the 15th Annual Schooner Wharf Open Air Art & Music Affair

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